I heard a friend with an interesting theory today. She said that when your become single (as I just did) and of course when you are comfortable in that situation (as I am) you send single woman’s vibes towards the universe and therefore you attract people that are in the same state as you! Actually, I do believe we have Chakras and energies and all that stuff. I’ve recently began practicing yoga (second class this week) and I seriously, after we did some basic positions (we were practically all beginners there) and laid down to meditate, I felt bliss. Real Bliss. I couldn’t stop smiling and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, alive, very much alive. I’m seriously considering adopting yoga for life. And my newly-acquired single status.

But I also wondered, in what hell of a state I was when i attracted THAT person to my life two years ago.

A lot has changed and I never want to get back to that place again. After scars and bruises, lesson learned. That’s the point, right?


And, of couse, great pizza with the greatest friends consolidate that feeling!