Man + dinner always open up to many possibilities, although the result is usually some kind of sex, right? Well, I compared some of my latest dinner experiences with men and that’s what it summs up to (they happened some time apart from each other but I remember it well enough)

The guy calls for take out pizza for you: well, we were not alone, we had friends also, but at no moment cooking was suggested, and it happened more than once. Seriously? he thinks he’s got it all and he’s not even trying…

The guy cooks good food for you (I mean reeeeally good): he’s really making an effort to get into you panties. Let’s at least acknowledge the effort, but that’s about it.

The guy cooks for you and washes the dishes when you’re swamped with work: it can be just boiling water for the noodles and heating the tomato sauce, but nothing ever tasted any better. And you fall flat-face in love.