I have a longing for you, for your touch, your perfect kisses. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit it. You have the smoothest tongue I’ve ever tasted, the sweetest smell. Everything around you is seducing and my single thought is to surrender to a languid, idle rainy afternoon.

He makes me feel loved, like a queen, like I am the only one. He is goofy, silly, still has to learn a lot. He is not what I was looking for at all, but unexpectedly, gives me everything I need. And I know he is true. I would be an idiot if I threw all those feelings we have for each other away because of desire.

You would only have my body, and you want more than that, and I can’t give to you.

He has already found his place in my heart. And it scares me to think about how the hell are we going to make it, but I dread even more to loose this gift life has given me by presenting me this gentle, loving, adorable man.

I wish I could love you like you deserve, because you are beautiful.

I’m sorry I can’t.