I have moved houses twice

pushed boxes across rooms

broke so many glasses from my set

bought new ones too

The frames in the window panels

are just as I wanted them to be

not too big, nor so bulky

to obstruct the view of my boys

The garage is a mess I never dare

to enter, the garden was destroyed

by my youngster and the dog

two weeks before Easter

But the life we have is full of joy

That we could never put a price

whatever is missing or faulty

love is not once forgotten.

This morning I opened the mailbox

and my face lost its color

there was a bank notification

(who else sends letters these days?)

to a Julia with your last name

not like Brown or Smith or Jones

but your proud Italian ancestry

sitting on the white envelope

staring at us when we last kissed

This time there were no tears

my boys laughter brought me back

to the cozy living room armchair

I took a book and stared at it for

countless minutes while imagining

how could the postman have guessed

the enigma in my heart.